Working towards a career in the Maastricht Region

A whole host of career opportunities are up for grabs in the Maastricht Region. You will always find hundreds of vacancies at Dutch intermediate vocation education level, higher vocational education level, and university graduate level within an hour's commute. You will be able to work in cities such as Leuven, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Venlo, or Eindhoven while living in the Maastricht Region.

After all, the Maastricht Region is the perfect place to live. Where else in the Netherlands can you find so many jobs together with a high quality of life, top-ranking education, cultural wealth, and space and affordable housing? All in all, the Maastricht Region boasts an outstanding balance between work, housing, and living.

Working across the border

Would you like to start an international career while remaining based in the Netherlands? In the Maastricht Region, Europe is at your fingertips: Germany and Belgium are just a stone's throw away, and there are numerous career opportunities within an hour's commute.

Are you interested in a cross-border career? For guidance, information, and advice, please refer to the Startpunt Grensarbeid and the Grensinfopunt services. Major agencies work together within the Grensinfopunt, including the Bureau for Belgian and German Affairs, the Social Insurance Bank, and the tax authorities.

If you require additional assistance or advice following your discussion at the Grensinfopunt, the Maastricht Region offers a unique careers service. Our partner organization, PWC (+31 (0)88 792 11 88), would be happy to examine your personal situation. We make cross-border careers that bit easier.