Economical Profile

The power of the Maastricht Region is defined by the combination of its innovative economy, its international location and an inspiring living environment. 18 municipalities - 1 economy. One region that operates on various levels of scales. Primarily as part of the Province of Limburg, but also on the scale of Brainport, the southern provinces and the rest of the Netherlands.
Apart from that, the surrounding countries are of increasing significance for the Maastricht Region: Economically, culturally and in the area of recreation.

The ecosystem of our innovative knowledge economy is made up of the Brightlands Campuses, major companies, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, as well as a strong link between education and the labour market. 

The rapidly-growing knowledge economy in the Maastricht region has become highly visible at the Brightlands campuses, where knowledge and business work together: Healthcare in Maastricht, Materials in Sittard-Geleen, Smart Services in Heerlen and Food in Venlo. The campuses are the driving forces in this region, working together with a number of large companies that share this vision.  Along with chemicals & materials, life sciences & healthcare and smart services, the Maastricht Region is also a key player in systems and healthcare, renewable energy, logistics and leisure.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Traditionally, small and medium-sized enterprises have had an above-average impact in the Maastricht Region, and this has acted as a powerful driving force for job creation, which is becoming ever more international in outlook. 60% of SMEs in the region trade internationally and SMEs account for two thirds of the gross regional product.

The Maastricht Region is also home to large companies operating on an international scale, such as DSM and VDL-Nedcar. Medtronic and Mercedes Benz, global players on multiple levels, also have operations in our region.

Knowledge institutions

Along with the other countries in the immediate vicinity, the Maastricht Region is home to a large number of knowledge institutions. The universities of Maastricht, Liège, Heerlen, and Aachen, along with three university hospitals, are all within a 25 km radius, which is something entirely unique in Europe.

But the main theme here is mutual crosslinking. Close cooperation is taking place in and around the universities of the Maastricht Region. With practical solutions to overcome stubborn obstacles, we are also creating the opportunity to work increasingly across the border.

Along with the extensive educational opportunities in both the local region and the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, we can also translate knowledge into concrete skills in order to ensure that education and the labour market connect as seamlessly as possible.