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Maastricht International Centre

With the support of the Province of Limburg, the Municipality of Maastricht and Limburg Economic Development (LED), the Holland Expat Center South (HECS), the Cross-border Information Point (Grensinfopunt /GIP) Maastricht and Maastricht University’s Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross-border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) have joined forces.
To increase cooperation with each other, they have chosen to work from a single location on the first floor of Maastricht’s Centre Céramique, under the name of Maastricht International Centre. The centre will help internationals by giving them a soft landing in our region, help to connect them to the region and will tackle the bottlenecks in cross-border mobility and cooperation.

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Visiting address:
Centre Céramique
Avenue Céramique 50
6221 KV Maastricht

Cross-border information Point (Grensinfopunt / GIP) Maastricht

In the border regions of the European Union Europe is not a theoretical concept but daily practice for its citizens. Particularly in those areas relating to social security, wages, taxes, health insurance, family assistance, pensions etc, problems may develop which can impede cross-border mobility. Cross-border employees and businesses in de Euregion (those who live and / or work across the borders) can turn to the Cross-border Information Point for help in such cases. The (potential or former) “border crosser” can be helped directly by specialists from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank and the Belastingdienst. There already exist a number of Cross-border Information Points along the German-Dutch and Belgian borders who work together closely. A good example is the cooperation between the Cross-border Information Point in Maastricht with the Cross-border Information Point Aken / Eurode (Kerkrade/Herzogenrath).

Cross-border information point 

Holland Expat Center South

The presence of international knowledge workers, scientific researchers and employment migrants is an essential requirement for our economy, productivity and innovative strength. Holland Expat Center South aims to provide international businesses, knowledge institutes and knowledge migrants a warm welcome. By concentrating all the public and private services that an international needs during the period just after arrival in the Netherlands at central locations and as far as possible together at the same time. An accelerated procedure for issuing a Burgerservicenummer (BSN) in combination with the residence procedure of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND) is one of the key services of the Expat Center. Internationals can bring their questions about work permits, housing, registration, taxes, insurance, education and regulations, among other things.  The Expat Center organises informative and social activities together with its partners and acts as a hub within the regional international community to actively connect international talent to the region.

Holland Expat Center South



The Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility / ITEM operates at the convergence of research, counselling, knowledge exchange in the domain of cross-border mobility and cooperation.

The center of expertise was set up in 2015 to support and promote cross-border and international operation of transnational and euregional society from the scientific point of view. A team of researchers carry out systematic research on cross-border issues and publicises practical and fundamental perspectives and potential solutions. Interdisciplinary, basic and applied research are combined in this process.
At ITEM all partners learn from each other and new, relevant knowledge is constantly being acquired. The center of expertise shares its conclusions with advisory bodies which in turn, are in direct contact with citizens / employees.  ITEM represents knowledge for policy and practice.